“Rosa Antuña’s accomplishments are noteworthy, she speaks, sings and plays instruments…skills that add up to identify her amongst the best dancers within the country.” – Helena Katz, O Estado de São Paulo (Sao Paulo State Journal)

“Rosa Antuña’s refinement is noteworthy, she speaks, sings and plays instruments, skills that add up to designate her among the best dancers within the country.”

Helena Katz, The State of São Paulo 27/11/2004

“(…) More than a dancer, an artist in plenitude.”

Miguel Annunciation – Journal Hoje em Dia – Belo Horizonte, 24/1/2012

About Rosa Antuña

Rosa Antuña is a director, choreographer, dancer and actress. Rosa’s dance training includes the Centro Mineiro de Danças Clássicas in Belo Horizonte, Centro Pro-Danza de Cuba, and Palucca Schule Dresden in Germany. Her latest creative project completes the final chapter of her Feminist Trilogy, “The Woman who Spit Out the Apple,” and encompasses her additional two other solo works, “The Dress” and “Wild Women”.

Rosa has been an integral member of the Mario Nascimento Dance Company for 14 years and acts as assistant director, assistant choreographer, rehearsal director, and professor of dance, improvisation, theater and voice. Rosa created the Integrated Arts Workshop, an exciting and innovative discipline, developed through her work with the Mario Nascimento Dance Company, and she has been presenting this workshop throughout Brazil.

Rosa worked at Chemnitz and Erfurt Theater in Germany, and in Brazil with Dance Company 1º ATO, Mimulus Dance Company and the São Paulo City Ballet Dance Company. In 2014 she took part in an Artist Residency at the Odin Theater in Holstebro, Denmark.

Complete Resume


1st Prize Usiminas / Sinparc 2004 Best Ballerina (ESCAMBO Cia MN)

14th Prize SESC 2009 Best Ballerina (FALADORES Cia MN)

Training in Classical Ballet

– She began studying classical ballet at the age six, in 1984, at the Center of Minas Classical Dance in Minas Gerais directed by Maria Clara Salles.

– She graduated from the method of the Royal Academy of Dancing, having completed the Advanced level in 1992, at the age of fifteen.

– Participated in the International Dance Festival of Joinville in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1999, having been awarded numerous times. In 1996 she won a gold medal with the grand pas de deux, Diana and Acteon, in the professional category, with Cuban partner, Amilcar Moret. In 1999 she received the gold medal as a soloist in Malagueñas.

– Rosa studied at the Center Pro-Danza in Cuba, directed by Laura Alonzo, from January to April of 1996.

– Through the International Dance Seminar of Brasilia (1996), directed by Gisele Santoro, she won a scholarship to Palucca Schule Dresden (Germany), where she studied from 1996 to 1998.

– Throughout this training’s the main teachers were Maria Clara Salles, Grace Sales, Mercedes Beltran, Ofelia González, Laura Alonzo, Amparo Brito, and Hans Tappendorff.

– Rosa participated in the 7th International Dance Competition of Paris, and also the New York International Ballet Competition in 2000.

– She participated in the Cuba Ballet in Niterói, Goiânia and São Paulo, and in São Paulo she performed a part of Nikya in La Bayadere, and was then invited to the premiere of the first complete staging of La Bayadere in Havana, with Centro Pro-Danza de Cuba (2000).

– Her repertoire includes the grand pas de deux from Le Corsaire, Diana and Acteon, Paquita, Black Swan, the lead role in Cinderella, La Sylphide, The Nutcracker, Ivan the Terrible, and La Bayadere. She also participated as a soloist and ensemble member of Don Quixote, Giselle, La Fille mal Gardee, Sleeping Beauty, Les Sylphides, and Coppelia.

Training in Modern and Contemporary Dance

– She studied modern dance techniques of Martha Graham and Laban Palucca Schule in Dresden between 1996 and 1998.

– Took classes from Dudude Herrmann while working with Dance Group 1º ATO in Belo Horizonte, when she returned from Germany (1998/1999).

– Participated in workshops with David Zambrano, Wagner Carvalho, Regina Advent, and Denise Namura

– Her training in contemporary dance technique was further defined when she began working with Mario Nascimento, in July 2003.

Training in Theater

– She complete the two semesters of undergraduate Theatre at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, UFMG (2007/2008)

– Participated in workshops with Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley (Brasilia 2008); Also with Yara de Novaes (2012).

– Studied Theatrical Improvisation with Omar Medina and Jose Luis Saldaña; Omar Galvan; Mariana Muniz.

– Clown workshop with Group Trampulim

– The Dance of Intent (Course for a deeper understanding with Roberta Carreri, of the Odin Theatre) in 2013 and 2014

– Artistic Residence at Odin Theater, Holstebro, Denmark. She was directed by Roberta Carreri in her new solo creation, “The Woman Who Spit Out the Apple”

– Butoh – with Ádega Olmos – 2015


– Played in Maracatu Trovão Band in Minas Gerais (2000/2002); Sang in the Group Côco Pé de Saia and Group O Menino in (2001).

– Studied the tambourine at the School of Choro Brazil with an S

– Studied violin notions and musicality at the Foundation in Arts Education (2007/2008)

– She studied singing at the Babaya School of Music (2000), School of Choro Brazil with an S (2006/2007) and with Barbara Penido (2007/2012)

– Pro-Music School – 2015

Professional experience as a dancer

– Chemnitz, Dessau and Theater Erfurt, Germany – 1997/1998 (as an intern) – Ensemble member in Act II of Giselle, Paganini, Petruschka, Romeo and Juliet, Der Zauberlehering (Harald Wandke)

– 1º ATO Dance Company (1998/1999) – A Brief Interruption at the End (Gerald Thomas); Palace of Arts Dance Company (1999) – Operetta The Merry Widow; Mimulus Ballroom Dance Company (2002) – Luggage, And That Someone You Know Who; Mario Nascimento Dance Company (Jul 2003/2005 – Aug 2006-present) – Escambo, O Rebento, Faladores, Escapada, Naked Territory, 7 Stops, The Nomad, São Paulo Ballet Dance Company (Jan 2005 / Aug 2006) – Z (Germaine Acogni), Line Curve (Itzik Galili), Divinéia (Jorge Garcia), Constanze (Mario Nascimento), Where is the North? (Mario Nascimento)

Professional experience as a Creative Interpreter

– La Luna (September 2003) – 18 min.

– Wild Women (July 2010) – 50 min.

– The Dress (July 2013) – 45 min.

– The Woman Who Spit Out The Apple (May 2015)– 45 min

She presented her solos at SESC Ribeirão Preto, 1,2 na Dança; Move Festival (Manaus); International Dance Forum of São José in Rio Preto; Theatre Alterosa (Belo Horizonte), Klauss Vianna Shows (Belo Horizonte); Diversity in Dance (Viçosa, MG); International Theatre Festival of Dourados (MS); Popularization of Theatre and Dance Campaign in 2013 (Belo Horizonte), The Seminar of Joinville International Festival, Odin Teatret (Denmark), Cultural Center of Brasilian Bank (CCBB), Funarte Belo Horizonte.

Professional experience as a choreographer

– CEFAR (The Palace of Arts school of dance): 7 Flowers (2003); For Women, Girl and Young Woman (2004), Lightning (2007), For the Children of Earth, Children of the Stars (2007) To Be Free (2008)

– Crystal Dance Company (BH) 3 Rings (2004)

– Group Ecstasy (Viçosa, MG): A Tone for All of Us (2010) 7 Flowers (2011); Clowns (2012)

– School Dances Iracema Nogueira (Araraquara, SP): Girl Fulô; Viva!

-She choreographed the actors Christiane Antuña and Omar Jabour in the play Smell of Rain, directed by Gil Ésper.

Experience as a teacher

– Rosa was the teacher of contemporary dance at CEFAR (Palace of Arts school of dance); Crystal Dance Company; Mimulus Dance Company, The Youth Ballet Company at the Palace of Arts; The Main Dance Company at the Palace of Arts, and with Chameleon Dance Group.

– Creator of the Integrated Arts Workshop, using contemporary dance, theatrical games and vocal preparation. This workshop circulated in 2012 throughout the country through SESC’s Circulation of Stages Project, and with Mario Nascimento Dance Company.

– She also teaches body preparation for actors.

– She teaches contemporary dance, theatrical games, voice preparation and improvisation for Mario Nascimento Dance Company.

Professional experience as an actress

– Theatrical Improvisation Company with the performance About Us (Dec 2012), direction under Mariana Muniz.

– Hit Me (Popwitch) – January 2013, Summer Contemporary Art, BH – direction under Diego Bagagal.