This workshop aims to give students direct contact with the arts by integrating dance, music, and theater. This experience allows participants to pursue their interest in the arts as a whole and widen artistic sensibility.


Students will be exposed to basic contemporary dance exercises, theatrical games and vocal preparation. Then through a conductive process, participants are provoked to respond using these three techniques as a resource.

Target Audience

Suitable for dancers (all techniques), circus performers, martial art practitioners, actors, and singers.

Rosa Antuña – Director, Choreographer, Dancer and Actress

Mulher Selvagem is the result of research being developed by the artist since 2003 when, she performed “Escambo” with Mario Nascimento’s Dance Company. In this presentation she had the opportunity to explore integrated arts first hand by singing, acting and dancing together all in one work.

Besides dancing, Rosa also studies theater and music and is continually exercising her writing and painting skills, as these are essential elements for the deepening and development of her artistic journey.

With the solo Wild Woman Rose Antuña began to define her artistic path by bringing to the stage dance, music, theater and poetry. After this work she created, wrote and directed the play “De Perfumes & Sonhos” (Of Perfumes & Dreams) as a result of the expansion and deepening of her solo, were she continued to work as a dancer, an actress and a singer.

The Integrated Art Workshop is designed to share and explore the process of study and training that is being explored by Rosa Antuña over the years and as a result seeks to provoke artists to broaden their ability to express, communicate and manifest their own ideas.