A solo that utilizes dance, theater, poetry and singing created, directed and acted by Rosa Antuña.

Faced with political reflections the woman body reacts in response. And this body reflects states that arise from oppression, powerlessness and fear and at the same time victory, strength and ecstasy.
A political body brought The Dress into existence and serves as a mirror to the society in which we live. It is a mirror for what exists inside the contemporary woman, also within humanistic reflections, existential and metaphysical. The political body seeks to find philosophical answers to the dissatisfaction of what’s happening now.
The choreography and movement phrases, together with the texts and sounds are built from these reflections and led the dress to become a thinking, living, working and communicating being within the world through music of the body, dance, voice, and from poetry in motion.
The dress is also the metaphor of dreams being pursued. The dreams that seem unreachable, unattainable. It is a liberating force that leads our being to transcend our own fears and decide to dare.

Creation, Direction, Choreography, and Performance Texts: Rosa Antuña
Costume Production: Rose Antuña
Lighting and Scenography Direction: Mário Nascimento
Music Compilation: Rosa Antuña
Musical Edits: Eduardo Borges
Photographers: Duda Las Casas, Marco Aurélio Prates, Diego Redel
Videos: Duda Las Casas
Video Editing: Duda Las Casas, Patrick Villar and Gustavo Silvestre
Press Advisory: Duda Las Casas
Social Media: Rosa Antuña


• 27 de outubro e 3 de novembro – Caixa Cultural – Recife, PE


• 7 de dezembro – 20:00hs – BH in Solos – Zap 18 – Belo Horizonte

• 11 de outubro – Terça da Dança – Teatro Francisco Nunes – Belo Horizonte

• 7 de setembro – Mova-se Festival – Teatro Margarida Schivazappa – Prêmio Funarte Klauss Vianna – Belém,PA

• 1º de setembro – Mova-se Festival – Café Teatro – Prêmio Funarte Klauss Vianna – Manaus,AM


• 3 e 4 de outubro – Funarte – Belo Horizonte

• 8 e 9 de agosto – Ocupação Diálogos – Funarte – Belo Horizonte – sábado 20:00hs e domingo 19:00hs – ingressos 5,00 e 2,50 reais

• 23 de abril – TRILOGIA DO FEMININO – 23 O Vestido – Teatro da Caixa – Brasília, DF


• 9 de agosto – Mossoró, RN

• 7 de agosto – Natal, RN

• 2 de agosto – 11 Mostra Brasileira de Dança – Recife, PE

• 23, 24 e 25 DE MAIO – ESTREIA NACIONAL (PREMIERE) – TEATRO OI FUTURO KLAUSS VIANNA – Belo Horizonte, MG – ingressos 15, 00 reais inteira – dias 23 e 24(sex e sab) às 20:00h e 25 (dom) às 19:00h.


• 14 de novembro – Satyrianas – São Paulo – pre-estreia – 40 min

• 5 de outubro – 1,2 na Dança – Belo Horizonte – 25 min.

• 22 de julho – 7° Seminário de Dança de Joinville no 31° Festival Internacional de Dança de Joinville